Tool Guide: Choose The Best Miter Saw


Miter saws are a valuable tool for the woodworkers and is a must tool if you demand a high level of accuracy. The power miter saws allow you to make 90-degree crosscuts. You can use miter saws to quickly make cuts for a wide range of projects, such as picture frames, door frames, crown molding and more. However, the problem- is making sure you’re getting the best sliding miter saw as there are so many models available to choose from.

You’ll find three main types of miter saw in the market:

Compound Miter Saws: A compound miter saw offers the pivot can be rotated vertically to cut horizontally and vertically, in both planes. That’s helpful when you need to cut at two different angles. Compound miter saws make it easy to cut compound in one pass.

Sliding Compound Miter Saws: A sliding compound miter saw is a wonderful tool, which can cut through wider and heavier pieces of wood and it’s more compound type of saw. It always come with sliding arms that allow you to cut the wider wood than the usual. Sliding compound miter saws are best choice if you’re a professional.

Cordless miter saws: The portability is the biggest advantage of this type of miter saw. Of course, some of cordless miter saws can work even without a power cord. A cordless miter saw is convenient for woodworkers who need to cut wood outside.

Though miter saws are available from brand to brand, and comes with different designs. There are many things you should consider when choosing the best model for your needs;

Miter saw, as the name suggests, is a saw comes with cuts mitres. The mitres are used for adjusting to different angles such as 45º for right angle joints. Some saws allow you to change mitre to one side, while most saws enables you to change it to both sides.

Cutting Capacity
The cutting capacity are depend on the blade diameter and ability. The most common use blade for miter saw are 10″ and 12″. There are many different blades for cutting special material. I love the 12-inch blade, combine with my sliding function, my saw allows me to make precision cross cuts on material as wide as 14 inches. Additionally, high-speed Steel Blades are sturdier than steel blades. From the community, carbide-tipped blades are highly recommended by lots of woodworkers, but this type of blades are expensive. Of course, they will lasts for a long time.

Positive stops
Positive stops are used to tilt the blade to the side quickly, so you can use the tool easier. They add more productivity and speed of your miter saw. However, make sure the miter saw comes with many options allow you change make adjustments easily.

Dust Port
A dust collector is essential. But, on most of these saws, dust collection is just plain dreadful. A dust port allows you to connect a dust bag to keep it clean and giving you a more tidy work space.


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