What Makes An Environmentally Friendly Christmas Tree?


It’s hard to picture Christmas without thinking of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Unfortunately, Christmas trees can contribute a lot to your Chrismtas carbon footprint. However, there are ways to make sure that you choose the most environmentally friendly Christmas tree you can.

Although artificial Christmas trees aren’t the most environmentally friendly Christmas choice thanks to the materials used and the energy consumed during production, they are reusable. A good tree can be reused for decades, significantly reducing the impact it has on the environment. As an added bonus, artificial trees aren’t a problem for allergy sufferers, and putting one together can become a part of your family traditions.

You can reduce your environmental impact even further by finding a second-hand artificial tree either on sale or being given away. You do have to store the tree during the rest of the year, so make sure you have a space to put it.

The most traditional of Christmas trees is the cut real tree. You get the fun of picking out the exact tree you want, and it has a wonderful smell to brighten your home.Unfortunately, cut trees aren’t reusable. Before long, they die, ending the beneficial effects trees have on the environment–and starting the mess on your floor as all the needles fall off.

If you decide to buy a cut tree, you can reduce its negative impact by recycling it after Christmas. It can either serve as wood for projects around your home or be turned into mulch at a local Christmas tree recycling center.

If you can’t imagine Christmas without a real tree, consider a live tree that can be planted outside after Christmas. You’ll have to hide the roots in some sort of container, keep it watered, and it will cost more. However, the benefits to the environment will last for years to come.Making an environmentally friendly Christmas work for your family requires some advanced planning. Consider the pros and cons of each kind of tree and remember that reusing and recycling go a long way to reducing the environmental impact of your choice.


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